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We are  offering our services to  defense Institutions  since last NINETY five years  starting  from 1918 at  Rajputana  Rifles .  Our  four  generation’s  have  been   passed    in   the  business of Wet canteen contractor’s   . 

Our great grand  father  SHRI  RAI SAHIB KANHAIYALAL GOYAL started the business with Rajputana Rifle Training  centre  in  Delhi cant in  the  year  1918,  And  wet  canteen for Guards Regimental Centre which emerged from  Rajputana Rifle in the year 1956 is held  by  us  from  the  day  of group formation. Our bond with each Institution is very    firm  and  we  have  been  successful  to fulfill  the  requirement  of  very person.  Our confidence and experience in this field thus comes to us very inheritantly .

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